Expandable Polystyrene is made by Styrene monomer using the suspension process. During a blowing agent is dissolved into the reacting solution and hard beads are formed.

The Expandable Polystyrene does not have any nutrient value for rodents, fungi and bacteria. It does not rot and does not give off any water soluble that could lead to contamination of ground water.

Popular Uses

Construction Industry
  1. The reduction of energy consumption and CO2 emission leads to a true boom in building insulation using EPS. The white EPS boards cut from EPS blocks have become a indispensable product for insulation used in building sites. And involve both heat insulation as well as sound absorption.
  2. Roof insulation of buildings, Residential houses, Plaza and Factories.
  3. Thermal insulation of sun facing wall of buildings, Residential houses, Plaza.
Sound Absorption
  1. Sound Absorption of offices, Homes and Halls.
  1. Insulation of cold storage and poultry sheds


  • Excellent Thermal Insulation
  • Not deteriorate or sag with time
  • Economical
  • Weather Proof
  • High Water Resistant
  • Light Weight
  • Easy to Install
  • Closed cell structure
  • Sound Absorption


In modern form of construction EPS insulation sheets are used which are both light and strong. Insulation material produced from Expandable Polystyrene show a very high thermal insulation properties, and will not deteriorate or sag with time. Comparison shows that 1″ of Expandable Polystyrene insulation sheet has same heat insulation value as 20″ solid bricks.

Insulation sheets produced from Expandable Polystyrene are recommended a density of 30-35 kg/m3. These insulation sheets have exellent weather proofing properties, light weight and has no smell and at the same time economical with high mechanical strength. These sheets can be used to sandwich panel for insulation of building, residential houses, plaza etc. Insulation sheets made from Expandable Polystyrene may be used on roof and facing walls.


Roof and sun facing walls insulation of one Kanal House will cost about Rs 1,00,000/- and monthly reduction in electricity bill would be Rs 4,000/- to 5,000/-. Thus total expenses would be covered in 20 to 25 months, electricity bill and after that the owner of house will keep enjoying reduced electricity bill while living in EPS insulated house.

  • In European & Middle Eastern countries, including Saudi Arabia. Government does not approve building plan without insulation.
  • This is also recommended by Ministry of Health, Germany.


When it comes to choosing packaging attention a primarily paid to a basic function, i.e protecting the goods to be packed.

Requirements may change from products to product depending on protection require. At the same time, packaging cost needs to be a minimized.

The wide range of individual properties & flexibility a foam made of EPS make it possible to develop economic solution for demanding packing tasks, ranging from fish crates & padding for high quality electronic equipment to combined packing with shrink film for washing machines etc. Self-supporting full packaging is used to protect goods against all kind of external influences.